Angie Simonson

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Angie Simonson brings nearly two decades of marketing and event experience from radio and web, as well as over a dozen years at the helm of her company, Main Idea Creative, where Lundeen Productions was her first client. Over the years, Angie has worked to build the brands of all the Lundeen Production events on and offline.

Angie unleashes her creative talents daily to building those brands, tailor messages, write copy, design experiences, and coerce office mates into playing practical jokes on each other.

Angie graduated from UMD a long time ago with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. She lives in Meadowlands, Minnesota with her husband and their four children. She started her business so she could stay home with them. Now that they are all in school, she was able to crawl out of her basement-dungeon office a few days a week to work with living, breathing people – she feels blessed she was able to do so with friends she’s known nearly half her life, at The Lundeen Group.